Kachasu drinking competition with K100 prize money lands 3 Mazabuka men in ICU


WHILE health workers in Lusaka are battling to rehydrate and stabilise hundreds of Cholera-hit patients, their counterparts in the sweet town of Mazabuka are sweating to preserve the little lives left in three men whose livers have been terribly roasted by the highly-intoxicating local brew widely known as Kachasu.

The three men were rushed to Mazabuka General Hospital after taking part in a Kachasu drinking competition in which they were required to swallow five litres of the organ-frying beverage.

With prize money standing at K100 and a cheering audience at hand at Nakambala Market, the trio created a rare spectacle as they set out to out-do each other in gulping the tongue and throat burning liquor as if they were merely consuming the Southern Province official drink, Chibwantu.

According to Byta FM, one after another, the professional imbibers twisted their faces as they swallowed the beer before losing consciousness and collapsing to the ground after taking only four litres of the beer fondly known amongst its consumers as Maureen Mukiya.

Looking at the life threatening twist the competition had taken, panicky onlookers abandoned their spectator status and hastily wheelbarrowed the drunk trio to the hospital.

The sudden and unexpected end of the competition gave organisers no time to declare the official winner or give guidance on the way forward.

Byta FM report that hospital sources revealed that two of the men are in the Intensive Care Unit connected to oxygen machines as they battle to keep thwir lives while their opponent is said to be in a stable condition.

It is not clear weather organisers will wait for the hospitalised finalists to heal to continue the competition or will have to audition new participants for K100 prize money.

In confirming the incident, Nakambala Market Committee Chairperson, Ackim Saboi described the competition and appealed to authorities to unfortunate and appealed to authorities to regulate the manufacturing of Kachasu.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 8, 2023


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