Zesco, police tag team uncover power installation theft


THE start of the new year has not spared the nation last year’s fair share of drama as the police and Zesco fished out a company collecting and melting down stolen power installations in Kitwe

Like a WWE tag team, The Zambia Police Service and ZESCO Limited Security entered the ring of Virgin Blue Limited Company’s premises in Kitwe’s industrial area and also nabbed it’s manager.

This is after a stash of vandalised equipment from ZESCO Limited, Nkana Water, and Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) was found at the premises.

These items were believed to have been brought there by different vandals and individuals for potential sale.

“In a comprehensive operation spanning several hours, the Zambia Police Service detained 12 individuals for questioning and to assist in investigations of various offenses,” In an official statement, Caristo Chitamfya, Senior Manager-Corporate Affairs at ZESCO Limited, stated.

“Among those apprehended was 37-year-old Allen Sharma of 18 Kafue Drive Riverside, who is employed as a Manager at Virgin Blue Limited Company.”

Chitamfya implored the public to refrain from and condemn vandalism activities.

“We strongly encourage everyone to report any acts of vandalism they witness, as vandalism significantly hinders our mission to provide safe, high-quality electricity services in an efficient and effective manner,” added Chitamfya.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba January 5, 2023


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