Buwelu Village transformed by CDF initiatives


THE Constituency Development Fund (CDF) has continued uplifting the standard of rural infrastructures as a classroom block has emerged to be a symbol of positive change.

Nestled in the heart of Buwelu village in Mankombwe ward, Mwembezhi Constituency, this educational facility signifies a transformative shift in the lives of the local community.

Thanks to the CDF, not only does the 1 by 3 classroom block stand proudly erected, but the village has also witnessed the installation of essential amenities.

Flushable toilets, tap running water powered by solar panels, a teacher’s house, and a tank stand are now integral parts of Buwelu village.

These additions mark a significant departure from years of living without such basic facilities.

The impact of CDF extends beyond infrastructure, bringing about a positive ripple effect.

Residents of Buwelu have expressed their gratitude, emphasizing that the benefits go beyond mere structures.

Furthermore, with a focus on creating job opportunities for the locals, a commendable move aligning with the President Hakainde Hichilema’s vision, a local contractor was chosen for the construction.

The infusion of resources not only enhances educational opportunities with a conducive learning environment but also addresses fundamental needs for sanitation and water access.

Kalemba January 5, 2023


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