Vegetable collection errand ends in rape for 12 year old


THE Heart of a Kaputa mother was shredded into pieces after discovering that her 12 year old daughter was defiled while on an errand to collect vegetables.

According to reports, the young survivor of Mwewe Village in Northern Province, was allegedly defiled by a known 42-Year old man.

Northern Province Police Commissioner Lucky Munkondya confirmed the incident.

Munkondya said the Mother reported to Kaputa Police that her daughter of 

 was defiled by a known man in Nsama.

She explained that on December 28 last year at around 17 hours the victim was sent by her mother to collect a local Katapa (cassava leaves, local vegetable).

Whilst on her way she met the suspect who also sent her to buy him cigarettes and in the process it reported that he lured the little girl and stripped her of her innocence.

Following the incident the young girl complained of abdominal pains and was attended to by the medical officers, disclosed Munkondya.

Kalemba January 4, 2024



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