Grieving Kalundu family bids farewell to teenage murder victim 


THE family of young girl of Lusaka’s Kalundu area who was raped and murdered on New Year’s day will be bidding an emotional farewell as the 15 year old will be buried today.
Idess Muluwe, was a pupil at Chinsali Girls Secondary School in Muchinga Province and was due to be in Grade 11 this year.
She was on holiday in Lusaka when criminals attacked and ended  her life in the early hours of Monday.
After defiling her, the criminals broke her neck and left a message on the wall written in charcoal writing saying; “Its me Zelo”.
The victim was home with her elder brother, 26 who they grievously beat, leaving him unconscious, as their mother, Prisca Mulenga was away for business.
The news had  left many neighbors and members of community saddened as they blamed the incidence to the lack of a police station in the area.
A neighbor, who spoke on conditions of anonymity bemoaned  the need for security in the area to Kalemba. “This place is relatively new and  has no police post, the nearest police post is at Rosedale along Mumbwa road which is about 5km from here, we need one here, especially that the same gang of Criminals are still on the loose.
“We urge our Chilanga MP, Hon Sipho Hlazo to be patrolling the Constituency and see how his over 22,000 people are living as the lack of a police station sets our life in danger. And Lastly, we are appealing to the Zambia Police to intensify  the patrols in this area,” the source said.
Meanwhile, Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga who confirmed the incident said police have instituted investigations on the matter.
By Buumba Mwitumwa
Kalemba January 4, 2024


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