Let’s not only meet on Social Media- ZAF Deputy Commander urges


ZAMBIA Air Force (ZAF) Deputy Commander and Chief of staff, Major General Arthur Kalaluka has stressed the importance of always finding time to visit one another, especially the sick.


Major General Kalaluka said this morning as he utilised the New Year holiday to fill the Maina Soko Hospital air with love, delivering 20 gift hampers to patients.

“Thank you very much for inviting us to come and present gifts to your patients. With the modern trends that we are in, where human contact is being exacerbated such that we no longer see each other, only on TikTok and the like, now imagine if you are a patient and people want to see you, social media does not allow that, hence we feel our visit to the patients today lives to inspire and rejuvenate their spirits and give them the ability to recover from their illnesses,” said Major General Kalaluka.

Major General Kalaluka said ZAF regards the importance of giving back to the community as sharing is a vital tool for personal and society growth.

He said President Hakainde Hichilema has led by example with not only the dedication of his life for the service of the Zambian people, but also through many charity works.

“Let us all emulate his example and lend a helping hand where we can. Today, I urge you to consider the profound impact of acts of kindness, big or small, in our everyday lives,” he encouraged.

Meanwhile, Maina Soko Medical Center Commandant Brigadier General, Levy Muchemwa thanked the Major General Kalaluka and his entourage for visiting the patients.

Brigadier General reported that the hospital had 63 patients in the wards of which includes three officers, 10 recruits, five officers and about 19 dependants while on a happy note, the hospital has delivered one New Year baby.

He also explained that the hospital was currently facing with staff power being the biggest challenge as most of the health workers that were volunteering found their names among the 3,000 that government recently recruited.

“What we have noticed sir in the past few weeks especially when the defence recruitment started, we have had a huge number of recruits from the three defence forces that have been coming with to be treated for injuries and some of them have been in the admission for a long time which has affected their training. But mainly the challenge that we have is that of Man power, most of our volunteers were recruited leaving a gap of health workers to efficiently deliver to the hospital,” Brig Gen Muchemwa said.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba January 1, 2024


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