RTSA eyes will watch you drive into 2024


ROAD Users should brace themselves as they drive around during the new years’ eve as the watchful eyes of the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) will be lurking like ‘Big Brother’ to mitigate accidents and loss of life which are synonymous to end of year celebrations.


RTSA officials have swapped their comfy Chambozia bedding items to brave the cold for night patrols in a joint venture to play traffic heroes this festive season.

In a joint operation with Zambia Police Service, Transport Control, and Zesco the law enforcers have embarked on countrywide road patrols to prevent road traffic accidents during this festive period in order to safeguard lives.

Last Night’s patrol was led by RTSA board chairperson Allen Mate and chief executive officer (CEO) Amon Mweemba who spotted some road rebels in action, with Lusaka crowned as the wild driving capital with a number of toxic beverage enthusiasts.

Chatting under the moonlight in an operation that kicked off at 20:30 to 6:00 hours, Engineer Mweemba expressed his discontent over the Christmas eve death count of 16.

He said that some accidents would have been avoided if road users follows road traffic rules.

“We are trying to increase our visibility, and hopefully, that we will help. Personally, I am not happy with deaths toll over the Christmas period. We had about 16 deaths, and 16 is not good enough. Even one is not good enough,” said Mweemba.

“We are not here to punish people, but we are here to educate our people. We are hoping with this exercise the message will get out there.”

Meanwhile Mate, mentioned that the patrols aim to raise road safety awareness, emphasizing the simple message for all road users to avoid drinking and driving.

“We are keeping up the new year with patrols around the city. This is not only in Lusaka but all around in major cities of Zambia,” Mate said.

“We are bringing out road safety awareness to all road users. We are breatherising drivers. We are also checking for compliance. Things like road tax, fitness”

He revealed that quite a number of people who have previously offences had been captured while RTSA used its app to check on compliance.

Kalemba December 30, 2023


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