Drunk 40 year old last born kills father over nshima


THE life of an 82 year old man of Shibuyunji came to a tragic and violent end at the hands of his drunk last born son who beat him with a pounding stick over nshima in the early hours of yesterday.


It is reported that 40 year old Febiano Banda in Shampule Village took the the life that brought brought him into this world, Elliott Pharol Banda’s.

Details of the murder are that; around 02:00 hours yesterday, Fabiano returned home after a drinking spree which he embarked on 18:00 hours of Tuesday.

Heavily intoxicated, Fabiano, a 40 year old dependant went straight home to the mother, Theresa Nyendwa aged 72 and demanded for Nshima.

The effect of alcohol and a last borns ‘s attitude combined through a tantrum waking up his father who later replied that they had no Nshima.

Upon the utterance of those words Febiano fumed and went straight for a pounding stick in a feat of rage, knocking Banda out with one blow.

“The father sustained a deep cut on the head and died on the spot,” Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said in a statement.

“Police Scenes of Crime Officers visited the scene of crime and found the deceased lying in the pool of blood.”

Hamoonga said a docket of case has been opened and the suspect has been arrested and detained in police custody while the body of the deceased has since been deposited in UTH mortuary awaiting postmortem and burial.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba December 7, 2023


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