Police nab couple in romantic counterfeit crime


A Couple of Mtendere compound has transformed their sweet whispers of love into a collaboration in a romantic crime story involving counterfeit maize seed.

However, the couple’s operation didn’t escape the watchful eyes and ears of the community, as an alert member reported the illicit activity, leading to the couple’s apprehension.

According to Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, Cephas Siwakwi aged 42 and Adele Nakawala aged 35 were arrested for the offence of Counterfeiting Trademarks

It is reported that Siwakwi and Nakawala were producing their own maize seed and repacking them into established brands such as Seedco, and Zamseed.

Hamoonga said the incident was discovered yesterday at around 15:45 hours by a member of the public who told a seed officer under the Ministry of Agriculture based in Chilanga.

The Informant told the officer that unscrupulous people were seen manufacturing counterfeit maize seed in Mutendere Compound.

“Immediately the matter was reported at the police station and officers visited the scene of crime,” Hamoonga said.

“Bags of suspected counterfeit maize grains painted in different colours of red, green, and blue also some green liquid substance suspected to be the paint used in processing the seed where discovered.”

Additionally, two sealing machines, stitching machine, 114 empty bags of 5kg branded Seedco, and 109 bags of 10 kgs branded Zamseed were found at the scene.

Hamoonga said the suspects are detained in police custody as investigations are ongoing.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba December 1, 2023


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