Government launches literacy classes for traders in Makalanguzu Market


GOVERNMENT through the Ministry of Education is collaborating with the Makalanguzu Market Committee in Choma, Southern Province to enhance literacy levels among traders to help them have easy access to governmental initiatives.

The focus is on conducting literacy lessons targeting traders, especially those who struggle with reading and writing.

These classes, tailored for individuals aged 15 and above engaged in market activities, primarily aim to empower the elderly and illiterate business owners.

Failody Muchindu, Secretary of the Makalanguzu Market Committee told Byta FM News that the initiative’s goal is to elevate literacy levels among market vendors.

Despite numerous government empowerment programmes, a significant portion of traders face challenges in benefiting from these opportunities due to inadequate literacy skills.

Many struggle to comprehend essential documentation, hindering their ability to leverage available schemes designed to support them.

Muchindu explained that this lack of literacy has resulted in a stagnation of businesses within the market.

The initiative, therefore, seeks to address this gap by equipping traders with the necessary literacy skills to navigate documentation and innovate their businesses effectively.

Britius Hanangama, a trader at Makalanguzu Market, expressed appreciation for the government’s move, acknowledging that improved literacy skills would empower them to better understand and utilize various forms of documentation associated with government initiatives.

The literacy class initiative is poised to bring about positive changes in the trading community, fostering a more inclusive environment where all members can actively engage with and benefit from governmental schemes.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba November 30, 2023


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