Boyfriend beats teen girlfriend to death over overnight visit 


A SIXTEEN year-old girl of Livingstone, Choma, has been beaten to death by her boyfriend after she visited him at midnight on Wednesday.

It is reported that the deceased, Linda Nyambe visited her 22-year-old boyfriend, Masauso Phiri in Ngwenya at his home for yet to be established reasons.

However, the teenage did not find her lover home so she started going back.

On her way back, Linda’s heart leaped as her eyes glanced at the face she was longing to see – her beloved, Masauso.

Instead of the encounter being a love spectacle of kisses and of a warm embrace, the atmosphere twisted abruptly, as Masauso did not not seem to be too happy to see her.

According to reports, Masauso confronted Linda about her visit and subsequently began to assault her till she lost consciousness.

Bystanders intervened, apprehended the the young man, and took him to Mbita Police Post, where he was detained.

Southern Province commanding officer Auxensio Daka confirmed the detention.

Despite not having apparent external injuries on her body and regaining consciousness briefly to tell her side of the story, Linda died while she was being take to a nearby health facility by her relatives.

Authorities said Linda’s body was transported to Batoka Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

Kalemba October 27, 2023



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