Decaying corpse in Kasenengwa shop sparks unrest


THE DISCOVERY of decaying corpse in the shop of a local businessman currently in police detention for murder sparked violent scenes in Kasenengwa District of Eastern Province on Monday.

What began as a disturbing odor turned into a nightmarish scene as residents descended into chaos following the shocking discovery of a decomposed body inside a local shop.

The shop in question belonged to Tractor Shanzi, a local businessman who had recently been apprehended by police on charges of murder.

According to sources, a group of residents became suspicious of an increasingly foul smell emanating from Shanzi’s shop, raising concerns that it might be a dead rat.

However, Some brave Easterners who thought a Mbeba (mouse) had fallen in the laps, were shocked after their concerns turned into sheer horror when they spotted flies swarming around the premises.

One of the witnesses, Elidah Banda recounted her experience to Zambia Daily Mail saying, “On Sunday, there was just a bad smell, and we were suspecting that it could have been a dead rat in the shop until today (yesterday) when we saw flies all over Shanzi’s shop.”

“That’s when we informed the market chairman to ask the wife of the owner of the shop to open it so that they could check the shop,” explained Banda.

However, the market chairman refused to open the shop without the presence of the police. Later, when law enforcement arrived, Shanzi’s wife was asked to open the shop.

To everyone’s horror, a decomposed body was discovered inside, but it could not be immediately identified.

A resident named Alick Zulu claimed that the deceased was Luckson Nyirenda, a motorbike rider from Chipata’s Chimwemwe area.

Zulu mentioned that Nyirenda had been seen playing pool at the trading center just a week ago with Shanzi’s son, adding, “A week or two ago, they were together here playing pool, and since then, Mr. Shanzi’s son is nowhere to be seen.”

Following the retrieval of the body by the police, tensions reached a breaking point, leading some residents to take matters into their own hands.

A mob descended on Shanzi’s shop, demolishing it in an act of collective anger and frustration.Eastern Province police commanding officer, Limpo Liywalii confirmed receiving the report.

The informant told the police of the dead man found in Shanzi’ shop.

Shanzi’ had been in custody for over two months on charges of murder and aggravated robbery.

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Kalemba September 6, 2023


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