Luanshya man dies after attempted diesel theft


FATE took a tragic turn for a 20-year-old man from Luanshya’s Mpatamatu township, who lost his life while attempting to flee from a mining dumpsite where he and two friends had gone to steal diesel.

Diston Kasiba, along with his companions Elshadai Chola, 19, and Joseph Mulenga, 25, made the ill-fated decision last Sunday evening to pilfer diesel from the premises of Dump 5, a mining company owned by China (MCC).

Unbeknownst to them, their diesel theft would lead to a devastating outcome, claiming one of their lives.After successfully siphoning three containers of diesel, the trio decided to embark on their journey home to Mpatamatu by hitching a ride on the mining company’s Sino truck.

They loaded the stolen fuel containers onto the excavator bucket and positioned themselves atop it.Subsequently, the excavator operator raised the bucket into the Sino truck.

However, before they could dismount the excavator bucket and transition to the Sino truck, the operator, who was part of the trio, noticed a Chinese individual approaching the truck.

This prompted the operator to hastily drive the truck.Amidst the commotion, one of Kasiba’s friends managed to leap onto the Sino truck, while Kasiba was not as fortunate.

The collision between the bucket and the rear door of the Sino truck resulted in injuries to Kasiba. He suffered a deep cut on his arm and suspected internal injuries.

Despite being rushed to Roan General Hospital, Kasiba was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The victim’s mother promptly reported the incident to the police.

Copperbelt commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba confirmed the occurrence.

CAPTION: Picture for illustration

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba, August 30, 2023


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