Killers gouge out eyes of Lusaka Yango driver 


CRIMINALS in Lusaka have gruesomely killed a taxi driver and gouged out his eyes.

Nicholas Chishimba aged 38 of Lusaka’s Libala South was discovered lifeless trapped between a car and a wall fence in Kabwata Site and Service around 06:30 yesterday.

His body bore multiple injuries.

According to reports, the grim discovery was made by a 65-year-old resident in the neighborhood.

Police have confirmed the matter also saying Chishimba was found trapped between a motor a Toyota Sienta, and a wall fence.

Police officers who quickly arrived at the scene noticed the injuries and the leading investigators suspect that sharp instruments had been used in the act.

“Preliminary investigations indicate that the victim was operating as a YANGO driver, and it is believed that he was attacked by unknown individuals,” added Police deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale.

The circumstances surrounding Chishimba’s death raise concerns about the safety of ride-hailing drivers in the area.

The incident sheds light on the potential risks that drivers face while providing their services, especially during the early hours of the morning.

Mwale, confirmed that investigations into the killing have been instituted.

CAPTION: Picture file for illustration

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 28, 2023


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