Zambia Police announce postponement of PF rally


THE Zambia Police Service has postponed the PF public rally, which was initially scheduled to take place at Muchinga grounds of Zingalume compound this Saturday, to September month-end citing security reasons.

The PF recently notified the police about their intended mass rally which would be used to launch the party’s strategic plan.

However, the police advised PF not to proceed with their rally as launching a strategic plan did not require a large gathering but a few people in confined space.

Today, via a statement released by police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, it was stated that the rally was pushed forward due to security concerns that arose after conducting a thorough police due diligence.

The Zambia Police Service called upon all peace-loving citizens to uphold law and order as directed by the authorities.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 24, 2023


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