LTBC student tears 5-year old girl’s private parts 


A FIVE-year old girl of Lusaka’s Appollo Military Camp is reeling in pain on a University Teaching Hospital (UTH) bed where she is admitted after a defilement ordeal destroyed the separation between her anal and vaginal opening.

Medics at the country’s biggest referral hospital took the girl through reconstructive surgery to reverse the damage done to her.

The alleged villain in the matter is Andrew Theo, a 28 year old engineering student of Lusaka Bussiness Technical College (LBTC).

According to police, Theo, a son of a Zambia Army couple and also a resident of Appollo Military Camp snatched the victim while she played with her friends around 17:00 hours on Wednesday.

The second year engineering student then took the girl to an incomplete house within the camp where his family plans to move once it is done and sexually assaulted her.

The extent of the injuries the victim suffered suggest Theo had vaginal and anal sex with her.

After the assault, Theo took the victim to her parents house around 04:00 hours and dumped her at the door step before running away.

Despite the painful ordeal, the victim had been through, she was able to narrate what happened while vividly describing her abuser as well as the house she had been taken to.

The girl who had swollen private parts told her parents and aunt that she had been defiled.

While she was rushed to the UTH for treatment by her parents, the girl’s aunt who is also a member of the Zambia Army followed up the matter leading to Theo’s arrest on Friday.

When Theo’s photos were shown to her from a mobile phone to confirm if he was indeed her abuser, the traumatised victim cried in fear pleading that he must not be allowed to come near her.

Theo is now in police custody as confirmed by Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga.

This upsetting of child abuse comes in Appollo Military Camp comes barely a fortnight since the shocking story of Ayan Bwalya, a four-year old boy who was being tortured by his step mom in the same barracks.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba August 22, 2023


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