Moses climbs “Mount Sinai” to collect army recruitment letter


UNLIKE the Prophet Moses who ascended Mount Sinai to collect the 10 Commandments, the Lusaka version of Moses yesterday found himself more than 30 meters high from the ground, on a communication tower in Libala to demand his inclusion in the Zambia Army.

Apparently, Moses Sichone’s long held dream of becoming a soldier seemed to have come true when his name appeared alongside hundreds of other names of successful applicants to Zambia Army in the Newspaper.

However, the excitement of the 33-year old Shoprite Chilenje branch buctury section employee was quickly replaced by disappointment when he was turned away by military authorities on account of being over age.

To seek the attention of high authorities in the military to whom he wanted to demonstrate his displeasure of being leftout of the recruitment, Moses went high up a communication mast at Mkandswire Combined School around 05:00 hours.

Well, Moses did not just attract the attention of the army, he attracted a physical audience of thousands of curious onlookers along with thousands more following online.

While on the tower, Sichone told the crowd that he had nine points at Grade 12 which should not go to waste and that if by 15:00hrs nothing was done, he would plunge to his death and join his ancestors in permanent restful sleep.

At 12:00 hours, a skillful negotiating team of fire fighters arrived on scene and engaged Moses via a megaphone.

But the crew’s efforts paid only off around 15:00 hours when they announced Moses that the Zambia Army had given into his demands of joining their ranks.

Two fire fighters then ascended the mast to show Moses the written proof their claims which persuaded him to come down.

As he climbed down, the masked Moses found a place to stand on the Mast and demonstrated martial arts skills that sent the crowd in loud cheers.

Moses was welcomed back to the ground by Local government permanent secretary Maambo Hamaundu and quickly whisked away to Chilenje Police Station where officers advised his family to take him for counselling.

Kalemba August 19, 2023


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