Authorities snatch Kasanda from his Ibex Mansion


AS the KKIA gold scam continues to make headlines, heavily-armed law enforcement agents added a touch of drama to the unfolding events as they raided the Ibex mansion of “gold dealer” Shadreck Kasanda whom they snatched and sped away with him this afternoon.

Kasanda’s name has dominated speculative conversations surrounding the scam since it broke out on Monday evening.

This afternoon, joint law enforcement agents confirmed what many have suspected, Kansanda’s involvement in the matter.

Nosy journalists from various media houses swarmed Kasanda’s house and captured the unfolding events frame by frame.

As the calm business man was led to a fleet of waiting vehicles, he said he expected justice to prevail in the matter.

Kasanda told journalist from a distance that the he had no idea of why law enforcement officers had raided his house.

Kasanda was later cruised out of his residence by the joint investigations team to the National Command center where he is reportedly taken for questioning.

Meanwhile the DEC director general Nason Banda led a team of journalist and members of the public to view the aircraft seized in the case amidst allegations that it was released from lawful custody.

While at the Airport Banda said another Zambian had been apprehended in connection to the the case while refusing to give out the suspect’s names or devulge any information on the case to press.

“Don’t worry about what the press is saying, worry about what I tell you. Just look at me like it’s Jesus speaking,” he said.

“What I’m telling you is the gospel truth.”

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 17, 2023


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