We will only tell you what you need to know about gold scam case – DEC Boss


DRUG Enforcement Commission (DEC) director general Nason Banda has made it clear that the commission would not divulge all investigation details to the press concerning the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport gold case, citing the importance of due process.


Banda revealed that investigations involving an aircraft and the seizure of precious minerals at the airport, along with the detention of several foreign nationals had made substantial headway.

But In a press briefing yesterday, Banda explained that the non disclosure of certain information regarding the case will allow the accused and detained individuals to have an opportunity to defend themselves in court.

DEC has been actively investigating case where weapons, US$5.6 million cash, minerals, reportedly coated in gold wraps were found in a plane on Monday.

“Whatever you need to know will be given to you. When we don’t say it, it means you do not need to know it, Banda told journalists this afternoon.

Banda clarified that the case was indeed a case of scamming, directly refuting rumors and speculation that the seized aircraft had been removed from lawful custody or that government officials were involved.

He said that scammers had targeted the nation with a clear intent to exploit, and emphasized the significance of this criminal activity.

“This has been a clear case of scamming, a clear case of scamming, gold scamming. We have gold scammers around here in our country, and this is where they are manifesting their threat. They’re applying their threat in public, and we have managed to at least find a way of cornering them,” he added.

Banda underscored that investigations would be conducted with the intent of preparing for court cases, not for media consumption.

The director general stressed that the objective is to allow individuals a chance for justice and fair representation while cautioning the public to clearly asses information on social media.

Banda spoke about the responsibility of the media and the public’s reliance on social media, cautioning against the belief of unverified information from online sources and urged responsible reporting

“We need a lot of responsibility in the way we use social media. People now, it’s clear that we believe what comes from social media more than you believe what we tell you in this fashion.”

“Members of the public, through you, (the media) please wait for us to tell you what is going on. Once we have told you, take it to be the truth. Don’t pick anything that comes on social media,” said Banda.

He revealed that a total of nine foreign nationals, six Egyptians, one Spanish, one Dutch, and one Nevesian, and three more four Zambians were currently detained in connection with the case.

Banda stated that more arrests were possible as the investigation continued to unfold.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 16, 2023


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