5 Isoka boys die after falling off timber-ladden truck 


FIVE boys in Isoka District of Muchinga Province have died after falling off a moving truck carrying Mopani logs.


The five were part of a group of 16 boys aged between 15 and 21 hired to load and offload logs on the truck in Chief Katete’s area in Isoka and where on their way to Luapula Province where they would offload the cargo.

The accident happened yesterday evening around 20:00 hours on the Nazareth- Isoka gravel road, which is 50 kilometers North East of the Central Business District.

The group that was sitting on top of the logs in the trailer of the truck were violently spilled to the ground after the trailer disjointed from the vehicle careered off the road and overturned.

Five of the boys died on the spot while eight survived with serious injuries while three escaped unhurt.

The deceased have been identified as, Andrew Ng’ambi, 15 , Sunday Ng’ambi, 14 ,Emmanuel Silwenga, all of Kabonde village. Others are, Thomas Ng’ambi, 12 and Warren Siwila, 21 of Chewa village.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Kaunda Mubanga confirmed the incident saying the driver, Nkitoto Mwakibete of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania bolted from the scene and is currently on the run.

Meanwhile, Isoka District Commissioner Jairo Simbeye sympathised with the families of victims while warning people involved in such kind of business to stop using underage in loading the logs.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba August 16, 2023


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