Police shoot Abel Chungu as he tries to escape from custody 


THE Ndola Subordinate Court was on Friday afternoon a scene of thrilling and action-packed drama complete with live gunfire as two dangerous criminals attempted to bolt themselves out of the grip of the law.


Starring in the unscripted real life drama were Ndola-based criminals Abel Chungu aged 29

and his partner-in-crime, Lamose Cheswe, one year his junior.

What started as a routine court appearance for the accused robbers quickly escalated into a scene reminiscent of an action movie as the duo exploded in blistering runs oblivious of the armed police man who was escorting them to their holding cell.

Chungu and Cheswe, charged with Aggravated Robbery, seemed to be taking a page out of a Hollywood script as they attempted a daring escape right in the heart of the court premises.

Copperbelt Province’s police Commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba, recounted the thrilling incident that left the onlookers’ jaws dropping.

Mweemba revealed that the suspects were being escorted to the court cells by Inspector Kashimoto, accompanied by other detainees, when they suddenly bolted in different directions.

One Inspector Kashimoto fired two warning shots in the air, hoping to put an end to the unexpected sprint and his efforts paid off partially as Cheswe, displaying a perhaps commendable sense of self-preservation, wisely halted his sprint as the shots reverberated.

However, Chungu seemed to have been determined to win the run-for-freedom marathon as the loud gunfire did little to slow him down.

Chungu’s determination to escape was evident, as he continued his mad dash despite the warnings echoing in the air.

Inspector Kashimoto’s now aimed with astonishing precision and volleyed a bullet found its mark in Chungu’s stomach, while his locomotion, slowed abruptly.

The wounded suspect was immediately rushed to the Ndola Teaching Hospital, where his condition was described as “unstable.”

The two accused individuals were initially appearing for mention but were later committed to the High Court for further proceedings.

The charges against them stem from a brazen case of robbery along Kabwe road, where they allegedly absconded with a mini bus in transit.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 13, 2023


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