Ayan’s suffering brings out Diffikoti’s fears of remarrying after death of his wife


RENOWNED comedian and Munali aspiring member of parliament Thomas Sipalo has openly spoken out about his reluctance to marry again following the death of his wife five years ago.


Sipalo, widely known as Diffikoti was forced out by a viral video that revealed heartbreaking torture a four year old orphaned boy, Ayan Bwalya has been enduring at the hands of his step evil step mother.

After his mother’s death, Ayan joined his maternal grandfather but his father regained custody after remarrying early last year.

Now, Ayan’s little body is littered with fresh and old whip marks while his face is dotted with sores inflicted by his “mommy” who is now in police custody for assault.

Reacting to the video, Sipalo shared that Ayan’s situation reminded him of his own because at the time of wife’s death, his youngest son was only six months old.

“Sorry the matter of this boy has really affected me. I shall fight it with my blood. I am taking it personal, no parent would want to die leaving the child in such cruel hands,” he wrote.

“My fear to remarry was more on the welfare of the children than my own happiness. I had to sacrifice my own happiness for the sake of my small kids,” Sipalo wrote on his Facebook page.

Sipalo said in the wake of his wife’s death, he was forced to cut down on out-of-town trips so he could look after his children.

The comedian revealed that he restrained himself from marrying again because he feared for the safety of his young children in case he married a wrong person.

“I raised my son single-handedly, Sipalo wrote while wondering how Ayan’s father could allow his own son to under go such suffering.

He said said not only was it disturbing but also annoying that a grown woman would

subject a young innocent child to such abusive.

“Where is the father when all that is happening? Does the father check how the child is being kept? Who else from the father’s side stays with them to monitor whatever is happening at home? Don’t even tell me that the father is innocent, he is as useless and heartless like his evil wife,” wrote Sipalo.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba August 13, 2023


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