Kung-fu hubby kicking wife in video is in police custody 


POLICE in Lusaka say the man seen in a viral social media video subjecting his helpless wife to painful Kung-fu kicks is in their custody.

The villain has been identified as Baxton Danga aged 56 of Lusaka’s Matero Hillside area while the victim is his spouse, Rachel Nkosi.

In the disturbing two minute and 34 seconds video, Danga is seen in a scuffle with his wife whom in WWE style, twists her wrist before violently slamming her against an unplastered wall while she cries in pain.

A voice of another woman can be heard pleading for the man to let his wife go.

“Stop beating her, how will she breastfeed the baby,” the woman’s voice is heard in the video speaking in Nyanja.

In the continuing violence, the woman collapses to the ground and in sitting position receives several painful kicks to her head and body.

After exhausting his strength, Danga is seen washing his hands from basin and walking away as if he had just finished a casual meal.

However, in statement yesterday police revealed that Emmanuel Kunda, an eyewitness and neighbour to the fighting couple reported the incident to the police, leading to their prompt response.

The police managed to apprehend Danga, but his wife was not found at home at that time.

Later, she was located and taken to a nearby hospital for a thorough medical examination, while her husband remained in police custody.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated, “The suspect is detained at Muchinga police post, awaiting the wife to make a formal report.”

Danga is expected to face charges of Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm, as authorities continue to investigate this disturbing case.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 10, 2023


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