Angry Lusaka woman beats hubby to death over car


A 51-year old man of Lusaka has died from a painful beating at the hands of his wife and two sons for delaying to bring back the family car while out on business duty.

Alex Kanyama Zulu’s death on July 29 initally passed as a natural one and was subsequently buried with Mwila Kasase, his wife, mourning the loudest as his surviving widow.

But when suspicious relatives proded Police to investigate the matter, grim and chilling details of how the widow elisnted two of her sons aged 18 and 20 to beat the life out of her husband have emerged.

Initial reports indicate that the victim, Zulu, had ventured out for business affairs within Lusaka, returning home well into the night.

At that time, his wife, Kasase 47, had been visiting a friend, momentarily absent from the home.

The narrative took a dramatic twist when Kasase contacted her son, Madiba Zulu, instructing him to retrieve her from the friend’s location, using her husband’s motor vehicle.

A hitch emerged when it was discovered that the vehicle was unavailable, given that Zulu had not yet returned.

In frustration Kasase’s went for alternate transportation back home but could hardly contain her agitation.

However, her return marked the beginning of a sinister chapter, as she allegedly joined forces l Madiba Zulu to teach her husband a physical lesson on returning home early.

In the brutal attack, unconventional weaponry, including a plunk and various kitchen utensils were used.

The suspicious circumstances surrounding the husband’s untimely death prompted his relatives to demand a comprehensive post-mortem investigation.

Yesterday, at approximately 12:30 hours, the lifeless body of Alex Zulu was exhumed for a thorough post-mortem examination, conducted within the confines of the graveyard.

The findings unveiled a grim tale of suffering – the deceased had endured broken bones, fractured limbs, shattered ribs, and an agonizing array of bodily injuries, all attributed to the alleged assault.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga confirmed the incident stating investigations were still ongoing.

From police cells, Kasase and her son now await the VISA formalities of a long stay in jail where they will not stress about delayed arrival of vehicles as the Zambia Correctional Service has enough transportarion to transfer them to any prison facility within the country.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba August 9, 2023


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