Chinsali baby dies after drunk mother falls on it

Cropped shot of a mother holding her baby?s feet

A TWO-year old baby girl of Chinsali in Muchinga Province has died after its drunk mother fell on her.

The incident occurred on the afternoon of Saturday around 15:00 hours in Mbesuma village.

Details are that mother of the deceased child Astride Musawa aged 38 went on a drinking spree within Mbesuma village with her baby girl fastened to her back.

After getting drunk, the staggering Astride decided to take her baby home but put it on the ground to gain composure and balance.

Unfortunately, the alcohol had taken its toll on Astride who in the process of trying to find stability fell on the baby who died under her weight instantly.

A passerby who witnessed the incident immediately apprehended the drunk woman and took her to Chinsali Police Police Station where she was detained on a charge of murder.

Muchinga Province Police commanding officer Kaunda Mubanga has confirmed the incident and identified the deceased child as Everty Chola.

Kalemba August 8, 2023


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