Police investigate 3 missing girls in Lusaka


EVEN before Lusaka completely heals from the trauma of the 13 abducted girls whose tormentors were convicted and handed lengthy sentences last month, information has emerged of three young ladies disappearing without trace in the nation’s capital.

Worried family members of the three missing girls along with sources within the police have confirmed the matter to #Kalemba.

Missing person reports of the girls were filed with Kabwata, Chelstone and Woodlands Police Stations.

The first girl to be reported missing was Lydia Siakwasiya of Chalala who has not been seen since February 11 this year and has not been heard from since.

Another missing girl is Kundananji Sinkala, a 23 year old student of Hotel and Food mangement at Fairview Institution.

According to Kundananji’s mother, Evelyn Chibuta Kaoma, her daughter who stays in a boarding house in Kamwala went missing on May 25, 2023 and the case was reported to Kabwata Police Station.

The third missing girl is Charity Mushaukwa aged 20 who went missing on July 26 around in Chelstone area.

Her sister Regina said in her last phone conversation with her brother; Charity said she didn’t know where she was.

Police sources say officers have been working round the clock to find the girls but have their search is yet to yield results.

Last month, the Lusaka High Court handed lengthy jail terms to best friends James Bwalya and Mathews Sikaonga for abducting 13 girls whom they subjected rape and torture for six months last year.

Kalemba August 3, 2023


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