Tribal joke gone wrong: Mazabuka traders apprehend Saboi over fake money 


A SPENDING spree of a Mumbwa-based “big buyer” came to a dramatic and painful end after marketeers in Mazabuka, Southern Province noticed that he was paying for their merchandise with fake hundred kwacha notes.

It has been reported that Saboi Saboi travelled from Mumbwa to the sweet town of Mazabuka with the ulterior motive of laundering more than K17,600 of fake money.

And so it was that Saboi stepped into Kabobola Compund to put his criminal plan into motion on Saturday afternoon.

There, Saboi ordered some potatoes worth K20 for which he paid with a K100 note and demanded for his change.

However, unbeknownst to Saboi, he was dealing with an alert and seasoned female trader who like many other women have mastered the texture and smell of real money.

The trader, Hildah Mboloma aged 45 quickly noticed the money was fake and quickly let out a shrill alarm call to other traders to help apprehend the crook.

Before long, Saboi was mobbed and with slaps, kicks and elbows was matched to the police.

After being searched, officers found a total of K17,600 of fake hundred kwacha notes all bearing

same serial number of 224564952 on Saboi.

In confirming the matter Police Spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Saboi is detained awaiting date with court Magistrate.

It is not clear if Saboi will claim that he was only playing traditional cousinship with his Tonga cousins.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba August 1, 2023


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