Man rapes mother in law who intervened during fight with wife


In a shocking incident that unfolded on the Copperbelt Province in Lufwanyama, a 58-year-old woman became a victim of rape at the hands of her own son-in-law.

The distressing event occurred when the brave mother attempted to rescue her daughter from the clutches of her abusive husband.

The perpetrator, identified as Pathias Ngwata, 33, hailing from the Mukutuma area, was apprehended by the police after he was caught red-handed sexually abusing his mother-in-law.

The victim, who displayed immense strength in the face of danger, suffered severe physical injuries as a result of the heinous assault.

Among her injuries were bruises on her private parts, a swollen upper lip, bruises on her lips, neck, and forehead, as well as a painfully injured left eye.

According to the copperbelt province commanding officer, Peacewell Mweemba, the horrifying ordeal happened when the victim heard her daughter’s cries for help.

Concerned for her child’s safety, she rushed to investigate, only to find her daughter being mercilessly beaten by her husband.

In a haste to help, the mother managed to rescue her daughter, enabling her to flee from the house to seek safety.

While the daughter sought refuge outside, she soon heard her mother’s desperate pleas for assistance.

“Her [Mother] cries for help prompted her daughter, whom she had earlier saved, to rush into the house, discovering the perpetrator in the act,” shared Mweemba.

Mweemba said the perpetrator, Ngwata, was caught in the act, engaging in sexual intercourse with his mother-in-law.

He added that Ngwata has been taken into custody, where he awaits legal proceedings.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba July 12, 2023



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