Father forces sons to play with his manhood


A WIFE of Kitwe has been left traumatised after she caught her husband red- handed forcing their sons aged three and six years to play with his manhood.

The man, identified as Boyd Nkole of Musonda Township, is alleged to have also gotten a knife which he used to threaten his sons if they refused to play with his genitals.

Both Copperbelt Province Police commanding officer Peacewell Mweemba and the boys’ mother confirmed the incident in separate interviews yesterday.

Mr Mweemba said police received a report on the matter but could not avail the details because they had not been sent to his office yet.

“I can confirm that the incident happened, but I’m awaiting for the full details,” Mr Mweemba said.

The boys’ mother narrated that she has been married to her husband for 10 years and has never seen him behave that way towards the children until recently.

The woman said she caught her husband forcing their biological children to play with his manhood, which has left her traumatised.

She said efforts to stop her husband were unsuccessful because he held a knife and threatened to stab her as well when she tried to save her children.

“I caught my husband naked and forcing our two boys to play with his manhood and he was even holding a knife to scare them if they did not follow his orders,” the Woman narrated.

She said she later reported the matter to Riverside Police Station on Saturday before her husband was arrested with help from members of the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU).

“This incident has left me traumatised and is making me live in fear because I never expected such a thing from my husband,” she said.

She said what has left her more traumatised is that her children have revealed to her that it was not happening for the first time.

The woman is appealing for financial assistance to enable her to relocate to Mansa district, where her parents live.

She said she fears that her husband might harm her and the children once he is released from custody.

Credit: Zambia Daily Mail



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