Illegal abortion lands Evelyn Hone student in hospital 


A FIRST year student of Lusaka’s Evelyn Hone College is under police guard at Chilenje Level One Hospital where she is recuperating after aborting a baby yesterday.

Besides being in her first year of study as a Physiotherapy student, Felistus Mwanza aged 20 had also been engaging in unprotected fornication which resulted in pregnancy.

To avoid frequent antenatal trips and an eventual date with a midwife, Felistus aborted the baby and dumped the foetus in the female students’ bathroom.

According to a statement issued by Zambia Police Service spokesperson Rae Hamoonga this afternoon, the incident was discovered by her fellow students who went to have a bath only to find a foetus and blood clots which they followed up to her room where they found her in a weak state.

Hamoonga stated that, her fellow students rushed Felistus to the college and later was transferred to Chilenje Level One hospital where she is currently admitted.

He revealed that upon visiting the scene, police officers took the aborted foetus to the University Teaching Hospital mortuary where it has been deposited.

“The student is under police guard as investigations are ongoing,” stated Hamoonga.

Kalemba June 10, 2023



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