Conwell Hakapya calls on more protection of waste collectors 


CITIZENS Environmental and Social Concerns (CESCo) executive director Conwell Hakapya has called on the government and concerned organisations to help to supply waste collectors in dumping sites with suitable working attire, to protect them as they are key players in Zambia’s circular economy diversion.

Hakapya, who appeared on Phoenix FM’s Let the people talk programme this morning, said the working conditions of waste collectors is a great health hazard to collectors, especially during the rainy season as the dump site becomes messy and filled up.

He added that despite the unhuman state of the dumpsite, waste collectors still play a huge role, especially in the government’s transformation to a green economy and clean nation.

Hakapya further said in order to help the collectors, his organisation has identified 2,000 waste pickers from Chunga dumpsite who they supply with applicable attire to wear when working in the dumpsite.

“with the help of other organisations, we are of the plan to erect a facility for the waste collectors so they can work better during the rainy season, despite the tedious job they do, they lack a shelter to operate in at the dumpsite during the rainy season,” he said.

Hakapya has called on the government, well wishers and organisations to help provide the waste collectors with materials and attire they can use and wear when carrying out their job.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba June 2, 2023



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