Lusaka parents surrender criminal son to Police 


A COUPLE of Lusaka has surrendered their teenage son to Police after learning that he was wanted for aggravated robbery and abduction.

Just over a week ago, Mweemba Matonka aged 19 and his older brother Choolwe Matonka left the comfort of their parents’ house in the affluent neighbourhood of Chudleigh and joined a criminal gang that drove all the way to stage robbery.

Led by Chelstone Police Station-based officer, Constable Joel Kambayi who was armed with a government-issued AK 47 rifle he had illegally drwan from his work post, the two brothers and three others stormed a shop at Chipembi Business Trading area in Chisamba District.

In the shop run by a Congolese national, the group identified themselves as immigration officers who needed to check his status but when the suspicious trader refused to cooperate, they pulled a gun on him.

At gunpoint, the gang persuaded the shop owner to donate to them a K5,000, a phone worth K300 and his prized Regius Motor vehicle with which they escaped the scene but not before carrying a hostage with them.

As they drove back to Lusaka, they were intercepted at Munano Council Security checkpoint in Chisamba area by police officers who had been alerted of their crime.

Kambayi the cop was arrested along with another accomplice identified as Choolwe aged 32 while Mweemba and two others sprinted from the scene and avoided arrest.

Upon arrest, police recovered the stolen items which included the K5,000, Samsung mobile phone, a Toyota Regious and one AK 47 Assault rifle with three rounds of live ammunition.

Zambia Police Service deputy spokesperson Danny Mwale told Kalemba in statement Mweemba ran home but after his parents learnt that he was on Police wanted list, they handed him in.

“Investigations continued and on May 10, 2023, Police arrested the other suspect identified as Mando Mwanda aged 23 also of Chudleigh area in Lusaka,” Mwale revealed.

He said Police were still looking for the fifth suspect only identified as Soko

of Ngwerere area in Lusaka.

Kalemba May 18, 2023



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