General PF membership happy with what I’m pushing for – Miles Sampa


MATERO PF member of parliament Miles Sampa says the general membership of the PF is happy with him that he is pushing for the extraordinary general conference.

Sampa has put members of the PF central committee at the edge of their seats, as he demands for the former ruling party to hold a general conference immediately.

He branded as illegal some of the positions held by senior party members, as they were not elected, as per the PF constitution.

In an interview with #Kalemba, Sampa said he may be unpopular to some members who want to abrogate the PF constitution but that other party members are happy with his course of action.

“Majority (PF) members from the 10 provinces are calling me and they are happy that I am pushing for the constitution and the general conference,” Sampa disclosed.

“Anyone who is agreeing to the abrogation of the current PF constitution obviously won’t like me, (a person) who is pushing for the PF constitution to be respected.”

He added that the people who make noise are not even PF members.

Sampa said the majority in the PF want the PF constitution to be respected, by going to the general conference immediately and choose a leader – whoever the leader may be.

He added that those who do not love the PF constitution won’t agree with his actions.

“Unless someone is pointing out that what I am pointing in Article 53, 52 is wrong, then they will convince me,” Sampa said.

“But if they can’t point to the constitution, they are using emotions.”

Meanwhile, Sampa expressed disappointment at the recent meeting held by the PF central committee on Saturday, stating that no tangible resolutions were made.

“I even predicted before it finished, they should have come out (of the meeting) announcing that the general convention will be held at such a day but no! They came out with excuses, there is no date set,” Sampa said.

“They will keep having those expensive meetings where they spend about K200,000 eating delicious lunches while the grassroots are suffering. And they will call another one soon where they will continue eating delicious, expensive lunches but they will not come up with a date of the convention.”

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba May 9, 2023


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