President Hichilema tells new diplomats to moderate their conducts


President Hakainde Hichilema has called on the newly sworn in ambassadors and high commissioners to market the country and extract the benefits of being assigned to countries that have built their economies through hard work.

The head of State urged the diplomats to woe investors and not to focus on their personal interests.

“Represent Zambia, you are a subset of Zambia, don’t represent yourselves,” he said.

Those sworn in are Nason Banda who supersedes Mary Chirwa as Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) director general, following her appointment as Mozambique high commissioner.

Others appointed into foreign service are Morecome Mumba, Pamela Mwelela Chisanga and Mazuba Bernadine Moonze, who will represent Zambia in Malaysia, Botswana, and South Africa, respectively.

The rest are Ivan Zyuulu and Andrew Bwezani Banda who have been sworn as Ambassador Designates to the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of South Korea, respectively.

The Head of State said he is confident that the new DEC director general is equal to the task as he brings a wealth of experience to the position.

“We are certain that he (Nason Banda) will continue the excellent work of his predecessor in ensuring that drug trafficking, money laundering, and financial crimes are brought under control,” President Hichilema posted on Facebook.

“Furthermore, we believe that the Ambassadors and High Commissioner Designates will play a crucial role in advancing the New Dawn’s policy of economic diplomacy. They will focus on areas such as alternative sources of renewable energy, agriculture, tourism, and building value chains using our mineral resources.”

Earlier at State House President Hichilema reminded the new appointees of the privilege to serve 20 million Zambia and told them to work hard.

“Despite the difficult environment we inherited, we must deliver to the people. Not in a day but over time it won’t happen by chance, I don’t believe in luck myself, that’s why I don’t bet.. the bola bet of yours,”

“I believe in orchestrating what you do to achieve the aimed results. I believe in working hard. I want to ask you to work hard for the people.”

The Head of State further told diplomats to moderate their conducts as they represent the the 20 million Zambians.

He stated that the way the newly appointed officials will conduct themselves, will be the image attached to Zambians in general.

“People look at you. Even every party you are the last one to leave. Since you are a diplomat there are a lot of parties huh! And you are the last one to leave.. staggering, then they develop an image of us Zambians.. you mean these drunkards? The last ones at the party.

“You are even proud when the waiters give you a nickname ati ba Zambia 1,” remarked President Hichilema.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba May 4, 2023


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