Mealie meal shortage not among the challenges in Lupososhi


AS most Zambians in border towns near the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) grapple with an artificial shortage of mealie meal, the people of Lupososhi district in Northern Province are carefree about such a challenge.

Lupososhi district commissioner Simon Mwenya told Kalemba that the mealie meal crisis, that is evident on Copperbelt Province towns, is absent on the list of challenges in Lupososhi district.

To ensure that even next year the district remains food secure, Mwenya said farmers justifiably sweated in the last farming season and are expecting a bumper harvest this year.

Mwenya said this year’s bumper harvest in Lupososhi is courtesy of the government’s early delivery of farming inputs, at least in his district.

It is that anticipated bumper harvest that will prevent Lupososhi residents from queueing up, the way it is done in Luanshya and Kitwe, to buy a 25 kilogramme of mealie meal.

“The only challenge our farmers are facing is the transportation of maize to their suppliers, due to the bad road network in most parts of the district,” said Mwenya.

Northern Province continues to be a rainbelt, thereby offering ideal weather conditions for crop cultivation, especially for a place like Lupososhi where the land is, to a large extent, arable.

By Buumba Mwitumwa

Kalemba April 17, 2023



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