Zambia’s has ability to become economic powerhouse – Dr Myles


UNITED States based preacher Francis Myles and senior pastor Dream Genesis Church International says Zambia has the ability to become an economic powerhouse.

Speaking yesterday at Kenneth Kaunda National Airport after landing into the country for a series of crusades Dr Myles expressed his excitement of seeing Zambia as economic powerhouse because it has the ability to do so.

Dr Myles who is also an author, business consultant and motivation speaker commended Zambia for upholding national values and showing the capability to peace usher into power seven presidents without bloodshed.

“Zambia, so far with seven presidents, (with) no, bloodshed with the elections, it’s very unusual for an African country because the West has always expected African transitions to be bloody,” Dr Myles said.

“So I’m excited about Zambia, really rising to become an economic powerhouse.”

Dr. Myles has urged leaders and zambians at large to continue upholding national values and principles.

He congratulated Zambia for hosting the recently held a Democracy Summit which he said demonstrated that the country is a shining example and a beacon of Peace on the African continent.

By Moses Makwaya

Kalemba April 7, 2023


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