Pantyless girls force cabby to park at night Driving a cab during the night comes with a lot

financial benefits but it also comes with a lot of temptations and insecurities says a Lusaka taxi driver.
The taxi driver who sought anonymity narrated to #Kalemba that one of the threats that made him stop offering lifts when the sky is dark are the temptations of pantyless females who spared no restrictions sharing the gear lever. In this kind of scenarios, one has to be strong hearted or else they will sucumb to sickness, while having Lolo’s sembe ninamvelela song as ringing at the back of your mind.
He told #Kalemba most females with short skirts and less scrupals to care about their morarility were coming to him on the pretext of wanting a lift.
However after agreeing the charge half way on the journey they would say “ine ndalama nilibe. Munga chite vemunga fune. (I don’t have money but you can do what you want with me to get your dues).”
“They even go prepared without panties and immediately they see you touching the lever they guide your hands in between their legs,” the driver narrated.
The cab driver added that one might prove to be strong in one or two occasions but can surely give-in with time.
He further advised taxi drivers offering there services at night, especially new ones, to always exercise caution and be alert for their safety.
“There are some thieves who will come and hire you minus you knowing that you are going to assist in committing a crime or they will be out their trying rob you,” he said.
The Lusaka based driver added that night drivers should at least have a companion in case of danger.
He said hey should know the places they are about to drop the client in so as to asses whether it is dangerous or not.
“And also they should listen to there gut feeling in spite of the money that may be offered,” he advised.
By Moses Makwaya


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