Man surrenders “unskilled” wife back to parents

A MAN of Matero Township in Lusaka has surrendered his wife back to her parents because she lacks the bedroom skills to fly him to the nimbus clouds.
After marrying Elidah Mvula when she was only two decades old, nine years ago, Eustus Mwaba now aged 31 expected that whenever the couple engaged in bedroom gymnastics, his bride would swing him up-down, left and right as if she were a human escalator.
But when this was not the case, Mwaba took Elidah back to her parents so they could unwind her stiff waist.
All this was heard during trial in which Elidah sued Mwaba for divorce in the Lusaka Boma Local Court.
The couple has 5-year old son.
Appearing before Senior Local Court Magistrate Mwape Mpundu, Elidah said she wanted the court to end her marriage because she had lost love for her husband in the twelve months she had been away from him.
But Mwaba objected to the divorce saying he returned Elidah to her parents so she only could add some springs to her waist.
The court then divorced the couple and ordered Mwaba to pay monthly child support of K500 .
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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