Extracurricular activities open opportunities for learners – Kamoko

GOVERNMENT says there is need to support extracurricular activities in schools, for they open a variety of opportunities for learners within and outside the country.
Speaking during a Commonwealth Connections project that is under the auspices of the British Council in Kafue yesterday, Ministry of Education permanent secretary – technical services Joel Kamoko said the government is elated with the support from the British Council, insofar as supporting schools in Zambia.
The Commonwealth connection project will be sending 41 Zambian athletes to Birmingham, United Kingdom, for the forthcoming Commonwealth games.
Kamoko said such games enable the young people to learn and understand more about the Commonwealth and its values.
He noted that the 41 athletes who would travel for the games will have an opportunity to participate in nine different sport disciplines.
Meanwhile, Commonwealth Connections project manager Ackim Banda said the project seeks to create connections between young people on shared Commonwealth values.
Banda said Commonwealth Connections will twin 120 schools across the Commonwealth, including 60 schools in Birmingham.
He added that support to schools in Commonwealth Connection will continue to facilitate a cluster of schools in Kafue, working on activities leading up to Commonwealth games slated for July 20, 2022.
By Mwiche Nalwimba


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