IK Charitable Trust warms up Livingstone prison

LIVINGSTONE Correctional Facility is experiencing a ray of sunlight amidst this winter after IK Charitable Trust (IKCT) came to their aid and donated 25 Mattresses.
IKCT has also expressed it’s intention to sink a borehole at the correctional facility in order to mitigate the water deficiency challenges currently being faced there.
IKCT Committee member Mohamed Lambat pointed out that inmates have the rights to proper shelter, food and basic needs regardless of what they had done.
“Everyone slips every so often but the one who stands up after slipping is the one who will go ahead in life,” Mr Lambat said.
IKCT Secretary Mohamed Shuaib Khanat disclosed that the donation was not the first of it’s kind as they have offered a similar gesture to Choma Correctional Facility and other communities in the Choma and Livingstone.
Livingstone Correctional Facility officer-in-charge Cornwell Mudenda appreciated the gesture saying that It illustrates consideration from society that inmates are also human beings like anyone else.
“This shows how much you care for the inmates and this directly speaks to the President’s call to treat these people as human beings. And this shows how serious you are about following such directives,” Mudenda said.
Mudenda implored other stakeholders to follow the deeds of IKCT to help cushion the many challenges that the ZCS may be encountering.
And Livingstone District Commissioner Eunice Nawa commended the organisation for its works stating that they are complimenting Government effort to provide for the citizens as well creating a brighter tomorrow.
Meanwhile ITCK has also gifted some local communities in Choma; bales of blankets, 20 liters of cooking oil, mealie meal, food hampers and bales of adult/children jackets
By Moses Makwaya


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