South police command to deploy 300 officers ahead of beauty pageant

THE police command in Southern Province has heightened security in Choma ahead of the Miss My Home Town beauty pegeant slated for the Heroes and Unity Day holidays.
Provincial police acting commanding officer Alfred Nawa told journalists in Choma that 300 officers will be deployed to beef up security in anticipation of any possible rise in crime.
“We have heightened security in Choma ahead of the Miss My Home Town Beauty Pegeant slated for 2nd July, 2022. We have engaged headquarters to send us more officers,” said Nawa on Sunday.
Nawa said the aim was to ensure safety for the 3,000 people expected to attend the event.
He warned those intending to misbehave of stern action.
In another development, South Africa based Zambian tycoon and African Union Holdings Group of Companies chairman James Ndambo who arrived in the country on Saturday dispelled assertions that he had intentions of joining politics.
Ndambo said his passion for charity was driven by poverty.
“I come from a poor background. I had to break that ceiling and that is what usually many people fail to break, so if together we can help one or two individuals to break that ceiling then we will be achieving our goals,” said Ndambo.
Meanwhile ,My Home Town media coordinator Owen Miyanza disclosed that 3,000 guests, both local and international, were expected to attend the event.
“This is a historical moment for people of Choma because it has brought about the much needed business opportunities,” said Miyanza.
Source: The Mast


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