Lusaka gang kills man for eating Nshima alone


A MAN of Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound has died from beatings administered by angry members of a gang that found him eating Nshima alone in a restaurant.

On Wednesday evening, 30-year-old James Zulu desperately needed to restock his energy reserves after a long day of toil and was grateful to the heavens that he found ‘Amake Lombe Restaurant’ at Mbasela Market was still operational at 22:30 hours.

Zulu placed an order of a plateful of Nshima with his favorite “Ma Setti”, a delicacy composed of chicken intestines, feet, head and neck.

Grateful for the meal before him, Zulu shut his eyes, clasped his hands to say a short prayer of gratitude before embarking on the tedious demolition exercise of the mountainous portion with no one to help.

Taken by the meal, Zulu did not notice that a group of beefy youths had walked in the restaurant and only noticed them when their slaps to his cheeks forced out the nshima from his mouth and inspired a loud ringing sound in his ears.

The eight-member gang was angry that Zulu was eating alone in these hard economic times and therefore decided to teach him a lesson or two on sharing.

Unable to withstand the pain, Zulu abandoned his meal and utilised the little energy he had aquired to embark on a quick sprint for for life.

He squeezed out of the tiny door of Amake Lombe Restaurant and headed straight home with the gang pursued him.

The gang caught up with Zulu at his home beat him some more and in the process inflicted injuries that landed him in Kanyama Level Hospital. Zulu died the same night.

Lusaka Province Police Commissioner Lackson Sakala has been quoted by Diamond TV confirming the incident saying the gang asked Zulu why he was eating alone.

Three of the gang members have been arrested and are currently learning one or two lessons on law and order while in police detention.

Sakala said five of the murderous suspects are in the hiding and Police is searching for them.

#CAPTION: File photo for illustration

Kalemba April 24, 2021


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