Kapiri Police arrest Tutwa Ngulube’s pugilist son


POLICE in Central Province have arrested Tutwa Ngulube’s son Sandani whose generous distribution of “knuckles” amongst his schoolmates at St Pauls Secondary School in Kabwe has earned him a charge of assault.

Last week, Sandani, a 17-year-old Grade 12 pupil was expelled for staging unsanctioned non-title fights in the school, one of which has resulted in the loss of two teeth of a Grade 9 pupil Mapalo Simwaba aged 13.

In all his fights, Sandani remained undefeated and for those whose facial features the illegal pugilist re-arranged with his punches, he promised that his lawmaking father would compensate them by footing plastic surgery bills to restore their original appearances – according to some pupils.

Following his latest brawl against Mapalo, the pain of beatings was felt even by the victim’s father Paul Simwaba who is now pursuing the matter with Police.

Simwaba is however displeased that his son’s tormentor has been charged with lesser charge of assault instead of a befitting charge of inflicting grivious bodily harm.

He confirmed that the matter was reported to Kapiri Central Police in whose jurisdiction the the crime was committed.

With his father already having on several occasions advocated for his political opponents to be beaten or have their bones broken, Sandani may not have to look far for moral support.

In the meantime, Mapalo’s father Paul Simwaba has confirmed that a docket had been opened at Kapiri Central Police where Sandani was subsquently arrested and charged.

The matter comes up in court on April 7.

Last year, Tutwa Ngulube, a ruling party lawmaker urged police to break bones of protestors. His son may not have to look too far for a coach should he turn professional.

©Kalemba March 25, 2021


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