Political diagnosis annoys Health Minister


Dr Jonas Chanda, Health Minister yesterday in anger threw away his stethoscope and went ballistic on PF officials who did not show him some affection.

At the centre of the anger was the political diagnosis that the honeybee replacement Minister had received an embarrassing loss in PF Bwana Mkubwa Constituency adoptions as he received only four votes to 16 for his rival businessman Warren Mwambazi.

In a scene reminiscent of Jesus turning the tables and whipping traders at the temple, Dr Chanda went berserk and scuttled the PF Bwana Mkubwa officials who like mice made a hasty escape from the esteemed medics fury and have been in hiding since.

Left alone, Dr Chanda confiscated all the adoption papers.

The COVID expert later announced that the adoptions had been cancelled because his rival had allegedly quarantined district officials at Fatmols Hotel and paid them K10,000 each hence their not choosing him as incumbent.

He added that he would ensure the process was immunised from corruption by barring Mwambazi from contesting due to his alleged underhand methods.

However, despite his squealing, officials said that the Doc was merely a disgruntled loser who could not swallow the bitter political chloroquin.

They added that his claim that he had been fractured by his opponent’s financial weight was not true as officials made a free choice wondering why he did not himself accommodate the 20 officials if that was all it took for one to be adopted.

CAPTION: File Photo, Dr Chanda

© Kalemba March 24, 2021


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