Kambwili is not NDC President, rules Ndola High Court


Kambwili is not NDC President, Ndola High Court rules

AFTER several ‘cho-chise’ press briefings between the NDC-Kambwili and NDC-Akafumba factions; the Ndola High Court has given some direction to the ongoing drama by ruling that Kambwili is not NDC President.

Despite Kambwili with the backing vocals of Saboi claiming that ‘NDC is Kambwili and Kambwili is NDC’, the court has thrown away this posturing effectively handing the NDC crown to Akafumba.

In an Ex-parte order of interim injunction dated March 23, 2021 to Bridget Atanga, NDC SG, the court has barred Kambwili from presenting himself as NDC President until the case is disposed of by the court.

This is despite Kambwili having put his “non-existent” neck on the chopping board in defense of the party for the last three years.

With the rug of NDC pulled off his slippery feet, it is now almost certain that Kambwili will stagger his way into the embrace of PF.

©Kalemba March 24, 2021


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