Baby Kambwili rises to mend tattered family political curtain


CHISHIMBA Kambwili’s son Mwamba has expressed intent to rescue his family’s shredded political fortunes by contesting the Roan Constituency in the impending polls.

Mwamba, to the suprise of many, says he will seek to contest the seat on the National Democratic Congress (NDC) ticket, a political party which dispatched his daddy to “apology land” with a dismissal as party president and further asked him to be a humble convict.

Mwamba who holds a degree and a masters in law says he has lived in Roan for the best part of his life, understand’s the problems and as such he should inherit his father’s former seat.

Mwamba’s father was elected Roan Constituency member of parliarment in 2006 and went on to be re-elected in 2011 and 2016 but was uprooted from the seat in 2019 by Speaker of National Assembly Dr Patrick Matibini after he was thought to have crossed the floor to the opposition.

In the resulting by-election, Kambwili handed the ruling Patriotic Front a humiliating defeat after he hand-picked little-known Joseph Chishala and successfully campaigned for his election as lawmaker on the NDC ticket.

Baby Kambwili’s move is not new to the science of embattled Zambian politicians as Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba at the height of his political affliction in PF sought to hand over his former seat to his daughter Sibongile Mwamba but the same flopped as the voters shunned her in the polls for Kasama Central in preference for now-incumbent Kelvin Mutale Sampa.

Also interested in the Roan Constituency seat is diminutive Luanshya Mayor and recently removed PF Copperbelt Province Chairman Nathan Chanda.

©Kalemba March 21, 2021


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