Msaiwale Josephat Mlewa: a fresh breath to Lusaka Central


TO MOST Lusaka residents, the name Msaiwale Josephat Mlewa is, as the name says, unforgettable.

Mlewa, standing on the platform of issue-based politics and grassroots empowerment steps up to the challenge to represent Lusaka Central in Parliament and spearhead the developmental agenda of the vast metropolis dogged with poor drainage, unemployment and challenges in access to health services.

To those who may be hearing of Mlewa for the first time, he is the person behind the award winning Lucy Mlewa Memorial Foundation which has spearhead charity works in education sector through donation of computers, girl-child empowerment through provision of sanitary material and access to health through drilling of boreholes is selected communities in Lusaka Central.

Mlewa is a successful businessman with previous work experience in Zambia and Kenya.

In tune with the current concern for the environment, Mlewa is also an advocate for recycling and a greener environment.

Unlike most candidates who were brought to Lusaka Central by career or rented buildings, Mlewa was born in Woodlands and educated at Jacaranda Primary School, Kabulonga Secondary School and University of Lusaka which are all in Lusaka Central.

Mlewa holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (CBU) and a Masters in Business Administration from Unilus.

Come 12 August, 2021 when he is elected, Mlewa intends to anchor his leadership on two pillars; the first is Local Job Creation through initiatives such as recycling plants, vegetable processing. The second pillar is improvement of social services.

At national level, Mlewa intends to hire his energies to the revision of empowerment laws such the subcontracting from 20% to 30 % and improvement of the Public Procurement Act to be more encompassing of local small scale suppliers, among others.

With over 46 years in Lusaka Central, Mlewa presents a credible platform for all voters tired of slogan chanting politics and interested in solution-oriented leadership which will improve their lives.

On 12 August, osaiwala…is Msaiwale Josephat Mlewa for development and credible leadership.

©Kalemba/Mwebantu March 15, 2021


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