Don’t be used as tools of violence, FPI urges youths


The Free Press Initiative (FPI) has urged youths to “refuse to be used as tools of violence”.

Zambia today celebrates Youth Day under the theme; “Enhancing National Development through sustainable Youth Partnership”.

In a statement yesterday, FPI-Zambia founder Joan Chirwa noted that this year’s theme was very cardinal and should not be taken lightly because it would play a key role in the lives of the youths.

“We call on the youth to reflect on the theme, as it has challenged them in that they are supposed to be partners in enhancing national development,” Chirwa stated.

“In this vein, the FPI wishes to call on the youth to refuse to be used as tools of violence. This period that we are heading into is crucial and most youths may fall prey to being used as tools of violence. Going into elections, youths are the ones who are mostly used to perpetrate violence, which is increasingly becoming an every day feature among young people in politics,” she added.

Chirwa further stated that government and political parties should educate their party youths about the need to have peaceful elections and the implications of use of violence during such times.

She observed that many youths who could have contributed to national development have lost their lives due to political violence.

“The results of peaceful elections will attract more youth and women to engage in politics. The youth form a huge part of the country’s population and should engage in progressive politics for national development,” noted Chirwa.

©Kalemba March 12, 2021


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