Government releases K1 million to relocate Chawama flood victims


GOVERNMENT has released one million Kwacha towards the relocation of households affected by floods in Chawama and Kanyama compounds of Lusaka District.

Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) National Coordinator Chanda Kabwe disclosed this when he undertook an on the spot check of the flooded communities of Chawama compound.

Kabwe who described the situation as desperate said Government has seen the need to relocate the people until the problem is resolved.

“The identified households will either be rented more habitable houses or moved into a transitory camp for the next three months, this is to ensure their lives and property are protected” Kabwe noted.

The Zambia Meteorological Department has predicted continuous rainfall activities across the country and this calls for quick intervention to protect the lives of people.

He added that DMMU in collaboration with various stakeholders has been working tirelessly to ensure the situation is resolved within the quickest possible time.

Kabwe said DMMU has engaged the Zambia National Service to work on the drainage system as a permanent solution to the flood problem in the area. He however noted that Government is implementing short term response measures such as pumping out water, disinfecting the areas and providing water and food requirements to the affected households.

He further advised members of the public not to settle in flood prone areas to avoid such calamities as the rains will be getting intense owing to the issues of climate change and variability.

Kabwe furthermore disclosed that this year, the country has experienced more intense rainfall activities which has resulted in a number of displacements and damage to infrastructure.

He said a number of dams have also been affected due to heavy rains leading to bursting of walls as was the case in Mumbwa and Chibombo districts.

He has since called on the affected communities to remain calm and cooperate with government in resolving the problem as disaster management is everyone’s responsibility.


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