Remaining quiet on important matters is betrayal – Mabeta


KEEPING quiet on things that matter to every citizen of Zambia is betrayal of the highest order, UPND Kankoyo Constituency aspirant Heartson Mabeta has charged.

Adding his voice to the escalating prices of essential commodities, Mabeta noted that the hunger levels in Zambia were are escalating at alarming rates.

“One does not need to be a rocket scientist to feel the economic impact the price hikes have had on the common Zambian man,” Mabeta noted in a statement also posted on his Facebook page.

Mabeta said it was disheartening for the PF and the government to claim that price hikes and extreme poverty in the country were due to sabotage.

He said as a party, the UPND did not practice politics malice.

“But keeping quiet on things that matter to every citizen of the country is betrayal of the highest order,” he said.

“How can an individual or opposition political party manage to sabotage all the country’s systems at the watch of the government, whose sole purpose is for the well-being of the citizens?,” Mabeta wondered.

“We refuse to accept this kind of blame game. If a person fails to rule, they should give the power to capable people,” he suggested.

Mabeta invited Zambians to work with the UPND to remove the ruling Patriotic Front and install his party.

“Otherwise, another five years of the PF will lead to destruction of all of us,” warned Mabeta.

“Countrymen and women, we have just seen the PFs true character after we entrusted them with power. It is high time we gave power to capable and visionary leadership of the UPND,” added Mabeta.



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